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Specialized Corporate Services
    If your office is located in DELHI/ NCR, we can provide you high quality and affordable preventive health check-up packages- on site, i.e. at your office premises for your employees.

    Shakuntla Hospitals brings the sophisticated corporate health care services from the team of highly experience and professionally trained Doctor who have been serving the corporate sectors with their medical Excellency and technology for better life style of the employees. We are here to provide to onsite health care for IT & ITES companies in DELHI/ NCR. We also have many 24x7 health care tie-ups for the IT, ITES and BPO services with dedicated doctors, nurses, paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians, Ambulance facility.

As a Director, I would like inform you that I am running an ultra modern 50 Beded registered hospital in West Delhi area with fully equipped modern operation theater facility and Labour room.

Your's Truly,
DR. B.P. DHAMI Medical Director
  1. Pre-employment checkup, general checkup, before joining an organization.
  2. Once a week medical checkup for employees by our medical office.
  3. Talk on ergonomics or any topics related to medical.
  4. First aid training program conducted.
  5. Ambulance service along with a doctor or nurse for any of the events in your organization.
  6. Home care services along with a doctor or nurse for any of the events in your trained attendees nurses.
  7. Supply all hospital equipments on rental basis, i.e. O2 cylinder, hospital cot, Wheel chair, commode chair, portable x-ray, collecting samples.
Shakuntla Hospital & Nursing Home provides Blood test sample pick-up facility to more than 50 hospitals in West Delhi.
The Advantage that we provide to you are
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Wide Test Menu- More than 400 pathology tests
  • Access to Web Reports and Competitive Test pricing.
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    Every Friday Thyroid Clinic

    24 x 7 Medical Services